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Er, whatever that is. Actually, what is Red Tractor Week? Red Tractor Week is a celebration of 10 years of the Red Tractor logo, which tells you what you're buying has been farmed and packed in the UK because so much of what you buy comes from mysterious places.

The Big Red Tractor

The wheels on the tractor don't look very secure 1. It's nice knowing our food has had a nice life. But if farmers are dying in horrific tractor accidents just so our celery gets its own private paddock, should we bother?

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You're being pedantic. What you want is a shorthand symbol that says, "This food is farmed and packed in the UK. British farming standards are a lot higher than in a hell of a lot of other countries.

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  • Don't you want to know your meat lived in decent conditions and was slaughtered in a humane way? What sort of horror stories of vegetable cruelty were we talking before the Red Tractor people stepped in? Neglected brussels sprouts? Farmers being blatantly rude to their parsnips?

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    I don't know! I just want to buy fruit and vegetables that are grown in this country and not flown in from the rest of the world. Maybe fruit likes living abroad? Nice life for a pineapple, sunning it up in Brazil before jetting to the UK to be chauffeur-driven to the Del Monte 3 factory to get chunked. I didn't get a free tractor. I just really care what I eat. It was a fine and clear day on Springhill Farm and Fi and Riff were desperately trying to move the Sheep to a field with fresher grass on the other side of the stream.

    Dusty realises that the best way of getting them over is for her to fly them over on It is a cloudy day on the farm and Tom and Rev are trying to get the hay into the barn before it gets wet. If the hay gets wet it will rot and the animals won't have anything to eat in the winter. Rora doesn't like the rain and goes and hides in the ba Tom and Buzz were collecting apples so that Matt could make juice to sell at Becton Market.

    #= #

    The apple-juicing machine is loud, but it does make lovely juice. The machine is so loud that it can be heard all over the yard and with it's steady beat the en Fi is not feeling well and Tom tells her that she ought to go back to bed and not worry about her jobs for the day. Matt's delight, she puts him in charge for the day.

    This doesn't turn out to be the best idea and Matt starts disastrously by forgetting Everyone is very excited. Fi has prepared a picnic and the animals are enjoying their newfound authority as race officials. No one is more excited than Buzz who can bare It's another busy day on the farm and Fi and Dusty are fertilizing one of the fields. When they've finished their hard work Fi thinks it would be a good idea for Dusty to have a wash; but Dusty doesn't want a bath and is scared of getting soap in her e Wheezy finds a beautiful spot at the edge of the woods where he can sit and think without the noise and distractions of the farm.

    The Red Tractor

    Wheezy loves the quiet and he even befriends a rabbit that clearly loves the quiet too. The farm is especially noisy with It was spring on the farm and all of the animals were having babies; including Riff who had 6 new puppies. Fi decides to do some Spring-cleaning, but Matt isn't much help and he wants to hold onto old junk.

    Tom watches the new puppies while Riff goes o Rora says that monsters don't exist, but once Dusty makes her jump, it is clear that Rora is actually a little scared of them. That night in the barn, Rora hardly sleeps at all as she jumps at every noise she hears. The next morning Tom tells Rora that Tom, Rev and Buzz play a trick on Rora by putting Fi's helmet on the scarecrow. The joke goes to plan but Rev gets cross at Buzz for falling over the wall and tells him that he is too small.

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    Things get worse for poor Buzz when he gets hoisted up the si It was a cold morning on Springhill Farm and Fi mentioned that there would be a surprise later in the day. All the vehicles are very excited and they just can't wait to find out what it is.

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    Thanks to Matt, word gets around that the surprise is a new ve Matt and Fi head into town while Tom and Buzz get the field ploughed. Tom teaches Buzz what a mystery is and Buzz sets out to solve a mystery of his own Why are all the animals spinning on the spot? Buzz becomes convinced that a magical moving bucke It's harvest time so everyone is working very hard.

    That's everyone except the sheep who are up to more mischief than usual. Fi's picked lots of apples with Buzz while Matt and Rev have been picking and loading cabbages. The sheep play a trick involvin